Slim Devices Lyrics Plugin - Version 0.9

The latest version of the Lyrics plugin is here.

The remainder of this page describes version 0.8, which only works with SlimServer 6.5. It will probably disappear sometime.

Slim Devices Lyrics Plugin - Version 0.8

This is a plugin for the Slim Devices Squeezebox. It shows the lyrics of the currently playing song on the Squeezebox display. This is nearly as strange an idea as it seems.

If the local ID3 tag of the song contains lyrics, then these are displayed. If not, then uses the lyrics server hosted at (note that I am not responsible for the content or availability of this site). A successful match depends on the quality of the ID3 tags in your Slimserver database, and the breadth & quality of the server database.

This version of works with SlimServer 6.5.0. It will not work with earlier versions. Version 0.7 of will work with SlimServer 6.3.0. These versions are functionally identical.


For SlimServer version 6.5.0, download from here, unzip it, then copy the file to the SlimServer Plugins directory.

For SlimServer version 6.3.0, download from here, and install as above.


To display the lyrics for the currently playing song, navigate to the plugin then press the right arrow key on the remote. The best matching lyrics are then shown. Use the up/down keys to scroll through the lyrics for the current (hopefully slow!) song.

If several sets of lyrics were matched, the '+' key can be used to scroll through them. Each time the '+' is pressed, the next set of lyrics are displayed.

Pressing 'Now Playing' briefly shows the current matched lyric's artist & song.

The Lyrics Server

The lyrics server is hosted by Flavio González Vázquez at Many thanks to him for his excellent work. Please pay him a visit, especially to contribute new lyrics.



1. Why are the wrong lyrics displayed? uses the artist and title embedded in the ID3 tags of your song. If these are incorrect, then the wrong lyrics will be displayed. A common error is to transpose the artist and song title. Use an ID3 editor to examine and if necessary correct your ID3 tags.

If the tags are correct, manually check for matching lyrics on the server by pointing a browser at If they are wrong, send in a correction!

If the correct lyrics are shown in the browser, then I've goofed things up. Turn on the SlimServer d_plugins debug flag, rerun the test and mail me the slimserver.log file.

Change Log

Changes since Version 0.7

Changes since Version 0.6

Changes since Version 0.5

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Changes since Version 0.1


Bugs, queries, suggestions etc to, or see my home page.

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